Cadboro Bay

Transit Date: 
Monday, June 13, 2022 - 08:26 to 11:16
Departure Location: 
Sidney Spit
Arrival Location: 
Cadboro Bay
Total time: 
2H 50M
Sailing Hours: 
Engine Hours: 
Max speed: 
Average speed: 

It was windy. Uncomfortably windy. Westerly wind blowing whitecaps into the anchorage at Sidney Spit. I had lots of rode out so we were safe from dragging, but pulling up the anchor was a chore.

I tasked Gina with running T2 up the anchor line and was able to retrieve my trusty 25 lb. Danforth. Rather than scoot across the bay and pass between James Island and Vancouver Island, I chose to take full advantage of the ebb tide and transit Sidney Channel. We enjoyed a brief hiatus from the Westerly as we passed in the lee of James Island. But we were soon facing 20+ Kt. wind and 3 to 5 foot chop. There was plenty of spray and I got soaked. In retrospect it would have been a great test of my unused Horatio Hornblower (HH) rain pants.

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