Engaged at the Spit

Transit Date: 
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 - 09:39 to 12:24
Departure Location: 
Cadboro Bay
Arrival Location: 
Cadboro Bay
Total time: 
2H 45M
Sailing Hours: 
Engine Hours: 
Max speed: 
Average speed: 

Andrew and his girlfriend, Chrissy arrived last Sunday and today, I'm taking them to Sidney Spit so that Andrew can propose. Of course Chrissy doesn't know that.

As time was limited, I didn't sail. Unfortunately we had a wicked following sea so Chrissy, who'd never been on the ocean before, started to feel a little unwell.

Fortunately she recovered once she was on dry ground and the surprise went ahead.

Oh, by the way, she said yes.

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