Irish Bay, Samuel Island

Transit Date: 
Saturday, July 30, 2022 - 11:14 to 17:33
Departure Location: 
Cadboro Bay
Arrival Location: 
Irish Bay, Samuel Island
Total time: 
6H 01M
Sailing Hours: 
Engine Hours: 
Max speed: 
Average speed: 

I had wanted to return to Horton Bay, on Mayne Island since September of 2009. However, having already been on the water for 6 hours, I decided that Irish Bay, Samuel Island was close enough.

Gina and I enjoyed quiche for breakfast at my place before heading to Trouper 2. After launching Skully and loading everything onto Trouper 2, I dropped the mooring and headed to Oak Bay Marina for fuel and water. That's when Gina spoke up; "Hey, did you move your car?"

Back to the mooring, to shore, move car out of Gyro Park, walk back to beach, back to T2, slip mooring. Take 2. But wait, the gong show doesn't end there. On our way to Oak Bay for fuel, I mentioned that I had never had to wait for fuel here before. If you take a close look at the Navionics track below, you'll see how many orbits I had to make before there was room at the gas dock.

Once we had on-boarded fuel and water, we were off on the flood tide. Next stop, Irish Bay, Samuel Island. We skirted the US border so as not to incur another visitation from the RCMP, or worse, US Immigration. Along the way we saw seals and dolphins or porpoises. And once we were on the beach at Irish Bay we were impressed with the amount of birds. Heron, Eagle, Hawk and Ravens. Due to the unique tidal vortex in Irish Bay there was plenty of life in the water as well. Crabs, jelly fish, minnows, salmon jumping. We killed a couple of Red Rock crabs for appetizers the second night. 

Leaving Trouper 2 behind, we motored up the narrow channel between Samuel and Mayne Islands, to the fabled Horton Bay. As I had read in one of my cruising books, it was crowded and not nearly as nice as Irish Bay. Both Gina and I were glad we had stopped where we did. I would visit Irish Bay again, but only after exploring so many other potential destinations.

irish bay, samuel island

Irish Bay, Samuel Island

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