Mayne Island September 25, 2009

Arrived Mayne Island 1730, Friday 25 Sept.

Eric, Tom and I arrived at Eric's building site at Village Bay on Mayne where we were greeted by the suspension bridge project Eric is executing for his client Peter. We stumbled down to the beach to enjoy the remaining sunshine while waiting for Kevin and Di to arrive on-board Comber, their Sea Dory.

Eric escourts Kevin and Di ashore from Comber in Villages Bay on Mayne Island.
Eric escourts Kevin and Di ashore from Comber in Villages Bay on Mayne Island.

Comber arrived at sunset and we returned to base camp for rib eye steaks, baked potatoes and salad. After dinner Eric went to bed for a couple of hours while the rest of us partied and caught up.

As the conversation escalated, Eric eventually resurrected himself and chased us out of the camper to seek warmth around the bar b q. The fire ban remained in effect. We visited late into the night and finally hit the fart sack around one o'clock Saturday morning.

We gathered around the bar-b-que to ward off the October chill as the fire ban was still in place on Mayne Island.We gathered around the bar-b-que to ward off the October chill as the fire ban was still in place on Mayne Island.

Morning arrived suddenly at 7:00. Tom and I hiked to the ferry terminal in search of coffee (and a toilet) while Eric remained horizontal. Returning to base camp Eric soon had the hot cakes on the plates.

After breaky we walked down to the beach (150 feet according to Tom's GPS, which we had to put up with all weekend!) and while Eric paddled out to see if Kevin and Di were still breathing, Tom and I stared vacantly at the sand. After a while Tom calculated the square footage of the boat ramp.

Tom with his GPS on board Comber. Tom with his GPS on board Comber.

It was decided that Kevin and Di would pilot Comber to Miner Bay and that Tom, Eric and I would meet them there. The seafood salesman was at the dock and  doing a brisk business. Live crab for 6 bucks a pound. After Kevin and Di secured comber to the dock in the face of a raging squal, we headed off for a hike up Mount Parke. The hike was moderate but the ridge view was less than spectacular. We rested.

Resting on the ridge after our hike up Mt. Parke.Resting on the ridge after our hike up Mt. Parke.

After resting for an appropriate interval, we returned to the truck and drove to the Springwater Hotel pub where I enjoyed a bowl of clam chowder and garlic toast. Kevin had the cashew chicken, Di the fish and chips, Eric a quesadilla and Tom chose the chicken burger.

Lunch at the Springwater Hotel in Minors Bay, Mayne Island.Lunch at the Springwater Hotel in Minors Bay, Mayne Island.

Our apres lunch itinerary took us to the Georgina Point light house. A spectacular view of Georgia Straight. We rested some more then hit the grocery store for dinner supplies and the ride back to base camp. We retired to the beach to catch the evening sun and take that perfect photo of the sunset.

This is the closes I came to the perfect sunset photo.This is the closes I came to the perfect sunset photo. (Village Bay)

At 20:07 we are at basecamp, Eric is sauteing the onions for our bar b qued smokies. We're almost out of rum. More later.

Sunday September 27, 2009 20:11 hrs. Writing from home.

Tom and I enjoyed  a couple of tasty Bavarian Smokies while Kevin and Di had ribs from M & M Meats. Eric porked out on turkey sausages. Dinner was excellent and everyone was greatly satisfied, especially once Di brought out the Nanaimo bars for dessert.

The wind was picking up and since Kevin and Di had to row out to Comber, they decided to cut and run. We wished them luck and arranged to meet back at base camp at 9:00 the next morning for breakfast prepared by Eric. Unlike the others, I had been up late the night before but had NOT napped during the day. I was the first to retire for the evening. Tom and Eric broke up what remained of the party (the two of them) shortly afterwards.

Morning arrived not quite as suddenly as the day before, to the sound of a ferrie horn coming from Active Pass. While Tom took his morning stroll to the ferrie terminal washroom, Eric made the coffee and we watched some TV show on his lap top in the trailer. I decided to take a stroll to the beach to see if there was any life visible on Comber and to see if Comber had even survived the blustery night. There was Kevin on deck in all his splendor and glory, brushing his teeth and preparing for the long row ashore.

We enjoyed a breakfast of champions including fried tater tots and eggs, drowned in ketchup. Di wasn't feeling all that well. She had been fighting a cold for a few days (we were assured by Kevin that it wasn't the swine flu) so had opted to pass on our grease fest. After breakfast we hopped on board Comber for a delightful circumnavigation of Mayne Island and a picnic on the beach in the warm September sunshine.

Picnicing on the beach in the sunshine!Picnicing on the beach in the sunshine!

Di and Kevin dropped Tom, Eric and I off at the Village Bay boat ramp shortly before 16:00. We hiked back to basecamp, threw our remaining things in Tony and headed for the ferry terminal. The ferry ride back to Swartz Bay was warm and thoroughly enjoyable. It was the end of a perfect fall weekend on the West Coast.