In which I take my Cousins to the Leper Colony on D'Arcy Island

Transit Date: 
Sunday, July 17, 2022 - 09:49 to 12:07
Departure Location: 
Cadboro Bay
Arrival Location: 
D'Arcy Island
Total time: 
2H 17m
Sailing Hours: 
Engine Hours: 
Max speed: 
Average speed: 

My long standing plans to take Beth, Marnie and John to Portland Island overnight fell through. Environment Canada posted a strong wind warning for winds that ultimately never materialized. So we went to Saltspring Island on the ferry yesterday. And today, with no wind to sail, we motored against the tide to D'Arcy Island so Beth could get her walk-about. As it turns out, it was perfect. We dropped the crab trap on our way out of Cadboro Bay.

D'Arcy Island was deserted. We were the only ones there until the very end. We hiked all the way around the island and saw the ruins of the old Leper Colony. I once shot a video of a previous adventure to D'Arcy Island.

It was nothing like today's expedition. Beth even went swimming! Marnie hurled abuse where appropriate. We ate like real explorers too. Vegetables, humous, Chicoutami (named after the Canadian Submarine), and red twizzlers for desert.



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